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TG-Alfa 45 knots

The new TG Alfa was named The boat of the Helsinki International Boat Show 2009  

The jury's comment

The TG Alfa is a well-designed connection boat. No compromises have been made with the materials and craftsmanship of this boat, which is perfectly suited for its intended purpose. The jury praised the boat’s smart, car-like control station, its good storage facilities and large doors as well as the innovative seats that provide support for the lower back. Boarding the boat was considered easy. 21 vessels participated in the best motorboat category, seven of which were shortlisted for the award.

The jury comprised: Senior Researcher Markku Hentinen of the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Editor-in-Chief Ari Inkinen of Vene magazine, Editor-in-Chief Vesa Leppä of Kippari magazine, Senior Inspector Kimmo Patrakka of the Finnish Maritime Administration, Editor-in-Chief Jan Sjölund of Venemestari magazine as well as Editor-in-Chief Kari Wilén of Frisk Bris magazine. 

The jury chose the winners based on criteria such as the following:
• how well does the boat suit its intended purpose
• general design, both exterior and interior
• structural and space-allocation design ideas, with special credit for innovative solutions
• price-quality ratio
• properties of the boat, seaworthiness and safety in particular 
• novelty value