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Boats for demanding use

The Finnish TG-boats are completely made in Finland and constructed of best quality materials by people with high professional skills. We have 40 years experience of boat life and we know, what you are expecting from a boat of this type in order to have a safe and comfortable drive in all weather conditions.

The history of TG-boats started with production of racing boats, our knowledge in development and manufacturing of boats with good qualities and that can manage with small engines decends from this era. All TG-boats fulfil both the authorities as well as todays boat enthusiasts quality requirements.

Long history gives reliability

All TG-boats are traditionally hand-laid with fiber glass and rowing. We have several generations knowledge in both constructions and production of strong, sea worthy but still easily manoeurable boats.

All necessary is included but nothing unneeded. Our boats are mainly designed as commuters but they are fine for daily trips and fishing as well. Easy controllability, absolut safety and superb performance are basic qualities of all TG-boats. Our boats are built for the users, therefore we have already at design stage taken into account old customers wishes.